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Specialized conferences covering the key IT topics 

Welcome to our events in 2023-2024!


Upcoming events

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upcoming events 2023-2024

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Copenhagen 2024 

IT Attacks | Copenhagen

Attend the IT Attacks conference where you meet the leading IT Security Specialists and learn how to stay protected from the cyber threats of today and tomorrow.


Stockholm 2024

Attend the IT Attacks conference where you meet the leading IT Security Specialists and learn how to stay protected from the cyber threats of today and tomorrow.

IT Attacks | Stockholm

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State Of Cyber Security | Stockholm

State of Cyber Security is a conference about the cyber threats to organizations critical for our society to function. What do we need to do in order to keep our society open and innovative, but with security in mind?


September 27th
Stockholm 2023

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Cloud Security Day | Stockholm

Welcome to the conference where we discuss one of the most important IT Security challanges of today. How do organizations stay secure in the Cloud?

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November 8th
Stockholm 2023

Madison Event arranges IT conferences based on some of the most applicable IT topics of today and tomorrow.

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Experienced: We have carried out specialized IT conferences for almost 10 years and know the Nordic IT industry.

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IT Decision Makers

Participants at our conferences are only decision makers truly interested in the conference topic and who represents organizations being potential customers of the conference partners.

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Lead generation

Madison Event’s IT conferences are designed to help our partners generate leads and new sales.

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IT Database

Our database of IT decision makers consists of continuously updated information on the Top 1500 organzations in the Nordic region. In addition to the biggest business areas


The conferences address partners who participate as speakers and/or exhibitors and an audience of end user decision makers from the private and public sector.

Madison Event’s IT conferences are designed to help our partners generate leads and new customer sales and also to be an effective tool for strengthen a brand and building relations with your prioritized market. 

Our objective is to ensure that our conference audience do receive information and knowhow as well as inspiration and tools which can be put into practical use in the daily work.

Moreover, the conferences represent an excellent opportunity to network and meet business colleagues. Also to benchmark your current IT solutions to those represented at the conference.  


Event history

Madison Event organises conferences aimed at addressing the most up-to-date topics in the
IT business.

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IT Demo Day

The IT Demo Day is the one conference focused on a true technological theme. The conference concentrate on three overarching challanges: Security, Mobility and Datacenter.

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Digital Learning in Education

The conference Digital Learning in Education deals with the most vital challanges related to digitalisation in the school sector including the municipalities. The conference deal with how municipalities and schools can ensure a cost-effective adaptation of the IT environment in conjunction with the implementation of the new digital tools.

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IT Workplace of Tomorrow

What does tomorrow’s IT workplace look like? What are the needs of the users and how will the design of IT workplaces develop? The conference will take a deep look at areas such as mobility, security, cloud, BYOD, Wifi, Client virtualisation among many more areas.

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IT Attacks

IT attacks against Nordic companies and public organizations are rapidly on the rise. Today, they must deal with an array of different threats such as Mobile Malware, Stealth Attacks, APT, Advanced Malware, Drive-By-Exploits, Trojans, Unauthorised entries and Social attacks. The individuals and organisations behind these attacks are growing increasingly more skilled and creative.

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Cloud Security Day

The Cloud Security Day highlights a critical IT security topic of tomorrow. More and more organizations understand the positive effects that cloud solutions mean regarding for example cost efficiency and productivity. Though, there is a growing concern among many of the early adopters – and that is how to secure the cloud. During the conference the most important issues will be discussed with leading developers and consultants within the cloud security area.

DDoS Day

The leading conference in the Nordic region in DDoS security. DDoS attacks are an IT security threat which need to be assessed and dealt with in all larger organisations both in the public and private sectors. At the DDoS Day we focus on the future trends and how to protect your organization.

Beyond the Datacenter

What does tomorrow’s data center look like? How do IT departments create a secure, scalable and productive data center strategy based on all the opportunities available today? The conference highlights those challanges that will be the most relevant in the future – and which are already being planned for today.

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Become a partner at Madison’s conferences today

There are plenty of advantages to being a part of our conferences. Your aim could be, for example:

1. Finding new clients

2. Expanding your business with existing clients

3. Strengthening your brand

4. Launching new products/solutions

If you are interested in finding out more about the partnership opportunities – please contact

Jacob Nilsson
Partner Sales
+46 (0)76 002 01 37

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Upcoming Events 

IT Attacks

April 12th 

State of Cyber Security

September 27th

IT Attacks

May 17th 

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Cloud Security Day

November 8th 

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